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Lee County and South Florida Water Management remind residents to conserve water during dry season.

It's dry season in Southwest Florida and groundwater supplies are reduced due to limited rainfall. Lee County and the South Florida Water Management District are encouraging residents to conserve water. Learn more.

Natural Resources Programs:

The Natural Resources Department oversees programs focused on the protection and management of our natural and water resources.

Surface Water / Flood Mitigation

Addresses area-wide flooding, water quality concerns and hydrologic restoration of our natural flow-ways. Activities in this program include Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)  floodplain technical review, meeting state and federal surface water quality regulations. Learn More

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination

Inspects and responds to complaints involving impacted waters from construction, industry, commerce and residential issues. Enforces the Clean Water Provisions in the Lee County Land Development Code.  Conducts state-certified classes and public education on stormwater, erosion control and illicit discharges. Learn More

Water Quality & Resources

Permitting and inspection of domestic self-supplied water wells. Also includes management of wellfield protection ordinance and reviewing projects for potential impacts to water supply resources. Learn More

Marine Services

Involves waterway management, inlet management, beach renourishment, artificial reef deployment, derelict vessel removal and habitat restoration activities. Learn More

Environmental Lab

NELAC-certified water and soil chemistry lab providing service to Lee County Utilities and the general public. Also has a major ambient water quality monitoring program of the County’s numerous tidal water bodies and freshwater creeks and streams. Learn More

Pollution Prevention

Educates businesses about the proper disposal of hazardous waste.  Environmental Compliance Unit assists the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in documenting and monitoring illegal dumping. Learn More


Delegated authority from the state of Florida for the inspection of underground fuel tanks. Learn More

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Pet Waste Information
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