​Contract Type

​Form Used to Authorize Additional Projects to Contract

​Form Used to Modify Authorized Projects Under Contract

​Other Related Forms

​Professional Services Agreement (PSA)

​Supplemental Task Authorization (STA) - Bundle

Change Order (CO) - Bundle

​Construction Contract - Individual Project

Amendment for GMP

​Construction Change Order

Construction Contract - Master - County is AE

Construction Contract - Master with Exhibits

Amendment for GMP

​County Project Authorization (CPA)​County Project Modification (CPM) ​Performance and Payment Bond

DOT Construction Contract with Unit Pricing - Master

DOT Construction Contract

Amendment for GMP

​County Project Authorization (CPA)​County Project Modification (CPM)
​Lee County Agreement - Product/Service ​County Project Authorization (CPA)​County Project Modification (CPM)

Design-Build Agreement

Federal Design-Build Agreement

Design-Build Construction Phase Amendment

Construction Change Order

​Direct Material Purchase

​Direct Material Purchase Admin Code
​Direct Material Purchase Resolution
​Vendor Requisition Form
​Certificate of Entitlement

​Close Out Forms

​Payment Forms

Contract Performance EvaluationEstimate and Requisition for Payment
DBE CertificationFinal Payment Certification
​Final CompletionProgress Payment Certification
​Final Payment Checklist ​Part E-19 Est and Req for Pay Sheet 3 of 3
​Substantial CompletionPSA/SPA Invoice Statement